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How can travel businesses thrive in a post-cookie world?

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is becoming increasingly important in the travel industry to support sustained recovery from the challenges caused by the pandemic. With the cost of acquiring a new customer five to ten times as expensive as retaining … Read More

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Camping and caravanning: How can you be more customer-centric?

The rise in popularity of the staycation looks set to continue, and there’s now more demand than ever for value-for-money options such as caravanning and resort holidays. But over 25 years in the holiday and leisure industry have taught us … Read More

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A complete guide to CRM for travel agents

What is CRM? At its heart, CRM is a wider business strategy that focuses on the customer – building and maintaining long-term relationships to enable accelerated and sustainable business growth. It involves the use of technology, often a cloud-based platform … Read More

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Top 5 reasons why you need a travel CRM in 2023

2023 has started extremely positively for travel companies, with confidence around bookings and the desire to travel bouncing back stronger than ever. Many businesses have shown record bookings at the start of the year, the ‘run to sun’ (or snow, … Read More

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Travel and technology – A brave new world

There is no doubt that technology has changed the world. Just about every industry, from healthcare to education, retail to manufacturing, has benefited from the introduction of new technologies, and the pandemic that we found ourselves facing in early 2020 … Read More

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