For bookable B2B and B2C websites

Get online in less time and sell more holidays with EasyWeb. A travel website designed for B2B and B2C with a pre-built dynamic package booking journey, allowing your customers to search, cost and book their holiday with ease.

Easy to set up CMS-driven brochureware that converts

Easy to brand with your logo and styles, cater to spontaneous travel inspiration, and drive increased bookings with EasyWeb’s customer-centric travel web page design.

A mobile-first design, EasyWeb delivers an on-brand and visually appealing design and customer-driven user journey.

By seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality, EasyWeb ensures that your travel website becomes a dynamic hub where users not only find information but are also inspired to make a booking or enquire.

Online payments

EasyWeb includes ready-to-go online payments for your B2C site using direct debit, Apple Pay and Google Pay options via ECOMMPAY, Worldpay or Cybersource.

Track performance

With GA4 support as standard you can easily track your customer’s web journey and record activity in your Inspiretec Travel CRM.

Capture customer enquiries direct to your CRM

Configurable web enquiry forms are automatically posted to your Inspiretec CRM system which is part of the Inspiretec Travel Platform.

EasyWeb’s travel web page design and integrated form functionality streamlines the customer enquiry process, ensuring no holiday enquiry goes unnoticed.

Seamless integration into your Inspiretec Travel CRM enables detailed tracking, reporting and event triggers on enquiries, allowing you to automate enquiry workflows and responses.

Optimise your marketing efforts, understand customer acquisition channels, and make informed decisions to enhance the overall effectiveness of your travel business.

Quickly connect to hundreds of hotels and flights

Expand your product offerings with contracted or third-party suppliers, providing you and your customers with a comprehensive choice of services including flights, hotels and transfers, from suppliers such as easyJet, Hotelbeds and HolidayTaxis to name a few. With the ability to dynamically search for hotel, flights and transfers, users enjoy a convenient and streamlined booking process.

EasyWeb delivers a web booking solution, saving time,
and elevating your user experience with a white-label bookable travel website
harnessing the Inspiretec Travel Platform booking functionality.

Website designed for your travel brand

Strengthen customer trust by presenting a modern and unified brand identity, making your travel website stand out and resonate with your audience.

EasyWeb’s out-of-the-box travel website solution is designed to be deployed ready themed on brand ensuring a cohesive and instantly recognisable online presence, minimising time-to-market and reducing bespoke development costs.


Where technology and travel website design comes to life

Mobile responsiveness

Tap into the spontaneity of travel inspiration, making your website a go-to destination for those seeking unforgettable getaways.

Full-hosted travel website

Enjoy enhanced reliability, security, and scalability without the need for in-house technical expertise, ensuring a smooth and worry-free online presence.

Frictionless online booking

Integration with payment providers builds trust and customer loyalty providing a secure and reliable payment experience.

A self-service customer portal that empowers your customers

With booking management via Inspiretec’s self-service portal, customers gain control over their bookings and data, reducing the need for day-to-day administration requests. This user-friendly platform allows customers to independently manage their bookings, fostering a sense of autonomy and satisfaction.

By providing customers with the tools to self-manage their preferences, bookings and quotes, travel agents can focus on delivering personalised service and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Frequently asked questions

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