Travel reservation
system reimagined

Our travel reservation system can deliver multiple bookings all in one flexible end-to-end travel platform.

Supercharge your travel reservations

Our travel reservation system with in-built travel agent and tour operator software, empowers your agents to handle even the most intricate travel itineraries with ease and efficiency.

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Packages, tailor-made, groups and tours

Discover how you can create a new package quote in minutes with our interactive Reservations walkthrough demo video.

Seamless travel booking system

Our flexible, agile travel bookings platform is purpose-built for the travel industry allowing you to manage complex travel products and load individual components quickly and easily. Load against multiple travel types, hold prices in multiple currencies and apply different margins based on varied booking channels.

Load business rules at various levels within your travel reservation system, and configure it to suit your specific business process. Define rules at any level – from an individual component, to tour or customer level – to accommodate complex pricing models.

All-in-one travel booking platform

Package tailor-made, dynamic package and tours, while integrating results with internally loaded contracts and links to external suppliers.

Up-to-date pricing and availability

Determine pricing according to passenger type, age and occupancy. Our fully integrated payment systems ensure compliance with PCI requirements, including taking deposits and full balances. It can also sell contracts in multiple currencies with full reporting functionality.

Effective travel analytics and reports

Gain granular insight into your business with fully integrated and automated reporting. Control and report on supplier payments, debtors and contract reporting, sales reports, marketing suite reports and fully auditable contract loading and booking functions.


A comprehensive online travel reservation system to drive your business forward

Deliver efficiency

An efficient travel reservations platform will cut out time-consuming processes to save you money.

Always on travel

24/7 availability means you’re always ready to process bookings, whenever the customer is ready.

Growth and scale

Our travel platform grows with you, enabling scale and management of partnerships around the world from one platform.

Excellent customer experience

From the first touch to last with a complete end-to-end travel booking system.

Management information

Use insights to grow faster and smarter, identifying the things that matter.

Comprehensive and proven

A battle-tested, robust and future-proof travel system enabling you to deliver a superior service, taking your business to the next level.

Smart pricing. How much does Inspiretec Reservations cost?

It can typically take anywhere between six and 18-months, and often requires professional services to set up and configure, plus additional training to ensure everyone’s up to speed.

We want to remove all the stress and barriers to entry usually associated with an operation like this. Chat to us about our Smart Pricing Payment Plan and additional support services.

Frequently asked questions

Our travel reservations system has been trusted by travel brands for over 15 years. Continual investment and client collaboration mean we’re always ahead of competition and able to deliver on demands.


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