Agent management
made easy

Automate sales, marketing, operations and all
pre- and post-sale activities in a
single platform approach


Travel leaders trust Inspiretec

Enhanced. Evolved.

Our 25+ years in the travel industry have taught us that, while different travel companies experience different challenges, there do seem to be commonalities.

This knowledge has been the inspiration behind the development of our flexible, customisable Agent Management Software - the first new retail software launched within the industry for over 10 years.

No more cumbersome procedures, excessively complex approaches or wasted time and resources.

Just a single, streamlined system that empowers retail travel agents, reduces costs for your agency and significantly improves your customers' experience.

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Increase sales volume, value and margin

Increase customer satisfaction without hurting your margins by offering bespoke promotions and prices that are based on up-to-date, relevant data.

Generate more leads

Build segmented audiences based on who has stayed where, for how long and at what cost. So you can build tailored offers and campaigns with a much higher chance of driving a repeat booking.

Ready-made for
travel & leisure

Adapting general-purpose CRMs to travel is
expensive and time-consuming. Ours is ready-
made with features, capabilities, metrics &
reporting tailored to your sector.


Key challenges we can solve


Create attractive quotes with rich content and images


Automate communications, including enquiry follow-ups and balance chasers

All channels, one place

Access unified omnichannel enquiry management


Create intuitive reports by agent, agency, head office and region

Dynamic Views

Receive a single dynamic view of the customer


Streamline your workflow and customer documentation

Simple pricing to
suit any company -
any size

Our pricing starts at £50 per user. We can usually
agree a lower cost per user for larger organisations.

We handle all of the setup and implementation and

provide detailed costs and timeframe for this before
any commitment is needed.

We also provide a range of training materials to get

your team up-to-speed as quickly as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

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