Travel agency software designed for retail travel

Empowering travel agencies with a single solution and customer-centric tools to increase sales and deliver personal customer experiences.

Travel agent booking system with built-in travel CRM

In an industry that thrives on personalisation and impeccable customer service, the importance of an effective travel CRM cannot be overstated. Travel agencies have long been seeking a way to seamlessly integrate this essential customer relationship management tool with their travel agent booking system, and our retail travel management platform, AGENT, does just that.

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Access anywhere with online travel agency software

AGENT takes advantage of a private cloud-hosted PaaS (Platform as a Service) for booking management and payments. It provides access to your customer bookings, insights and preferences right where you need it, and can be accessed in your call centres, in your travel agencies and by home workers.

Travel agency software to increase sales

Imagine a world where your travel agents have instant access to comprehensive customer profiles, complete with preferences, travel history, and contact information, all while managing bookings effortlessly. This is the reality offered by AGENT.

Our travel agency management system consolidates vital customer information in one place, with a single sign-on, allowing your agents to provide tailored recommendations and exceptional service with ease.

Seamless travel agent booking process

The heart of any retail travel agency is its booking system, and our agency management software takes this to the next level. With a user-friendly interface for complete booking management and a self-service portal for your customers, your agents will be able to manage bookings, reconcile individual booking payments and manage trips faster and more accurately than ever before.

Simplify supplier management

Set terms, manage VAT by product, banking info and commissions with ease. Choose Gross or Net pricing, mark-up by % or amount. Our travel agency management system saves your agents valuable time by automatically reconciling individual booking payments and storing supplier documentation to a quote or booking.


Our travel agency software can solve

Reduce manual re-keying with a travel agent booking system

Save valuable time by easily importing supplier bookings from Jet2, EasyJet, Gold Medal, TUI and many other suppliers without having to manually re-key all the details.

Speed up your quote-to-booking time

Drag-and-drop functionality and AI-powered features enable travel agents to create beautiful content-rich quotes with destinational content that can be customised to meet the unique needs of each customer

Strategic commission control

Exercise precise control over commission targets for individual travel agents. This level of flexibility allows you to align commission structures with each agent’s performance, specialisation, and contribution to the business.


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