Revolutionising lead management across multiple specialist brands.



Enriching lives through travel

Travelopia prides themselves on being travel experts. Leading the way when it comes to providing unique travel experiences, their brands offer the world’s best polar expeditions, wildlife safaris, cultural tours, yachting adventures and more.

Their ambition is to build the world’s leading experiential travel company. With over 2000 colleagues across 30 countries worldwide, they work together to achieve this by sharing their knowledge, expertise and best practices to stay at the forefront of the travel industry.

Austravel, Sovereign, Citalia and Hayes & Jarvis are a collection of UK specialist travel brands, who are all part of Travelopia’s extensive portfolio. Each brand is individually operated, with a spotlight on specific destinations, passions and interests.


Providing performance management

Hayes & Jarvis and Austravel were the first brands to adopt Inspiretec’s CRM platform, which was deployed to create an omnichannel view of the customer which is used to manage leads and control sales workflow.

After adoption of CRM, both brands quickly experienced positive results and business benefits, so it wasn’t long before Travelopia’s other luxury brands Citalia and Sovereign, followed suit and adopted CRM as their core lead management tool. The requirements across the brands were:

Real-time SLA reporting

Displays how many enquiries a consultant is managing and the number of quotes sent.

Leads and enquiries management

Providing the call centre management team with insights into team workload and performance.

Conversion tracking

Indicating the quantity of bookings that have been made and their subsequent conversions.

Problem management

Helps the call centre managers keep their finger on the pulse and address any anomalies before they become a problem.


Key challenges we can solve

Transforming workflow in the call centre

Implementing a single platform to effectively manage all client interactions.

Improving conversions

Manage the search, quote and book workflows through to a successful booking.

Reduce administrative burden

Simplify task management and reducing the dependence on using external calendars and email.


Returning business benefit

A step change to Travelopia’s enquiry workflow management processes across the brands, giving their team the ability to use a single platform to effectively manage all client interactions from enquiry to booking, from the website and the call centre in a single place.

The provision of tools and workflows to consultants allowing them to carefully load and release inventory to their members – delivering up to date site information, real-time availability and accurate pricing, all resulting in an exceptional customer experience.

The system also receives website enquiries from the respective B2C websites and then works hand-in-hand with Inspiretec booking and reservations system, Reservations to manage the search, quote and book workflows through to a successful booking.


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