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Inspiretec travel CRM seamlessly connected to your existing reservations system
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The travel industry thrives on creating unforgettable experiences for customers. But behind the scenes, tour operators and travel agencies grapple with complex itineraries, personalised communication needs, and the ever-present challenge of maximising efficiency. This is where integrating a travel CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) with your existing reservations system becomes a game-changer.

Understanding the struggle

Travel brands face a unique challenge: managing intricate itineraries while ensuring every customer feels valued. This often leads to:
Time-consuming manual processes
Manually entering hotel bookings or activity reservations for complex multi-destination tours, juggling spreadsheets, and handling repetitive tasks take away valuable time that could be spent crafting exceptional travel experiences or resolving customer concerns.
Limited personalisation
With siloed data, it’s difficult to personalise communication and tailor offerings to each customer’s preferences. For example, a honeymoon couple wouldn’t want to receive the same recommendations as a family with young children on a budget adventure trip.
Disjointed customer experience
Customers may experience inconsistencies across different touchpoints, leading to frustration and missed opportunities. We all know how annoying it is to call a business, only to be transferred to another department and be asked to repeat all your details to somebody else. (This isn’t the case with a travel CRM!)

The power of integrating a travel CRM

Integrating a travel CRM with your travel reservation system bridges these gaps, delivering a multitude of benefits:
1. Streamlined operations
Automate routine tasks like data entry, reservation updates, and confirmation emails. This frees up your team to focus on what matters most – creating exceptional travel experiences and building strong client relationships.
2. Centralised customer data
Consolidate customer information from bookings, interactions, and preferences into a single, unified platform. Imagine having a 360-degree view of your customers, allowing you to understand their travel style, preferences, and past bookings, and then tailor your communications accordingly.
3. Personalised communication
Leverage customer data to tailor marketing campaigns, suggest personalised recommendations for activities and excursions, and deliver targeted communication throughout the travel journey. This could include sending automated birthday greetings with special travel offers or recommending activities based on past travel preferences. Studies show 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalised experiences. (Epsilon)
4. Improved efficiency
Automated workflows, centralised data, and streamlined processes lead to significant time savings and improved overall efficiency. Your team can dedicate more time to building client relationships and exceeding expectations, leading to higher client satisfaction and retention.
5. Enhanced decision-making
Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and booking trends with powerful reporting tools. This empowers data-driven decision-making and allows you to optimise your offerings to better serve your target audience. Imagine the ROI if you can analyse booking trends to identify peak travel seasons for specific destinations or tailor packages based on popular activities.

Success stories: How our travel CRM helped tour operators and travel agencies thrive

Travelbag, a leading travel brand within the dnata Travel Group family, used our travel CRM to enhance lead management and sales efficiency. This resulted in a 5% uplift in web enquiry booking conversions and improved customer service levels.

“Since we migrated to Inspiretec CRM we have seen improved customer service levels, significant efficiencies and cost savings, with a 5% uplift in web enquiry booking conversions.”

Sonia Walsh, Digital Product Manager, Travelbag

In choosing the Inspiretec travel CRM, The Turquoise Holiday Company, a luxury tour operator, gained insight and empowered their sales consultants to deliver a greater level of service, but also gained the capacity for future growth, upselling to existing customers and improving repeat business levels.

“Inspiretec’s CRM is a key part of our technology puzzle, allowing us to focus on customer experience using our existing data, through a personal omni-channel experience. CRM also focuses our team to work efficiently and effectively, analysing our sales, marketing and strategy, whilst improving the way we deliver a personalised and bespoke holiday service to our clients.”

James Bell | Managing Director | The Turquoise Holiday Company

Travelopia, a leading experiential travel company, reduced administrative burden with the Inspiretec CRM. By simplifying task management and reducing the dependence on using external calendars and email consultants were able to focus on an exceptional customer experience.

“CRM has changed the way we are dealing with our enquiries and the results in terms of improved sales conversion are clear, but what’s also important is how well our internal team have taken to the platform.”

Head of Delivery | Travelopia

Travelopia, a leading experiential travel company, reduced administrative burden with the Inspiretec CRM. By simplifying task management and reducing the dependence on using external calendars and email consultants were able to focus on an exceptional customer experience.

Is a travel CRM right for your business?

Do you already manage your bookings through an existing reservation system? If the answer is yes, then an integrated travel CRM is the perfect addition to help you become more customer centric.
Did you know a CRM can boost conversion rates by 300%? (Finances Online)
Strong return on investment (ROI)
The ROI with a travel CRM that’s integrated with your reservation system is significant. Increased efficiency, improved booking conversion rates, and higher customer satisfaction can lead to substantial revenue growth for your travel brand.
Streamlined implementation
Choosing a travel CRM with pre-existing connectors to your reservations system means minimised implementation time and disruption, ensuring a smooth transition. In contrast, connecting a generic CRM, like Hubspot, Zoho CRM or Salesforce to your reservations system can require significant time and cost resources.

The future of travel technology: How a travel CRM can help you stay ahead

AI-powered functionality
Imagine a CRM that can create beautiful, tailored quotes with AI-powered destinational text and imagery that inspires your customers to book. With AI helping to automate certain tasks, more time can be spent on adding value to customers.
Advanced reporting and data analysis
Travel CRMs equipped with powerful data analytics can help you understand market trends, competitor pricing, and customer booking behaviour. This allows you to implement dynamic pricing strategies, optimising your offerings based on real-time data.
Marketing automation for targeted campaigns
Leverage customer data to launch targeted marketing campaigns across various channels. This could include personalised email campaigns based on past travel preferences or social media ads showcasing destinations relevant to customer interests.
By embracing these future-proof functionalities, a travel CRM empowers you to:
Enhance customer experience

Personalisation, tailored communications and dynamic quote documents all contribute to a more delightful customer journey.

Optimise operations
Data-driven insights allow for smarter decision-making, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.
Boost revenue
Personalised offerings and targeted marketing campaigns can lead to increased conversion rates and higher revenue.
Ready to unlock the potential of a travel CRM? We have already integrated our CRM with several reservations systems and can connect to Vibe, Dolphin Dynamics, Vertical Systems’ vTARSC, Traveltek, Tourplan, ATCORE’s ATCOM and intuitive’s iVector to name a few.
With these connections in place, you don’t need to worry about a lengthy and costly project to benefit from our travel CRM. By taking this step, you’ll be well on your way to boosting efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving growth for your travel brand in a matter of days.
Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how our travel CRM can integrate with your existing reservation system to streamline your operations, personalise the customer experience, and drive growth.
Don’t let manual processes and scattered data hold your travel business back. Embrace the future of travel technology and take your customer service to the next level.