Instant access to customer information and improved sales efficiency with Inspiretec travel CRM.


How Travelbag increased web enquiry booking conversion by 5% with Inspiretec CRM

Travelbag, a leading travel brand within the dnata Travel Group family, has been making tailor-made long-haul and multi-centre holidays more accessible and affordable for over four decades. However, as they grew, they realised the need to enhance their customer relationship management and streamline their business processes to continue providing the exceptional customer service that sets them apart. Enter Inspiretec CRM.

By integrating seamlessly with their existing booking platform, Inspiretec CRM provided Travelbag with the missing piece to their puzzle. The results have been significant, from instant access to customer information to enhanced lead management and sales efficiency. With the help of quality training and support, Travelbag has seen a 5% uplift in web enquiry booking conversions and improved customer service levels.


The client

Forty-four years ago, Travelbag shook up the travel industry by making long-haul travel available to everyone. Today, as an established brand within the dnata Travel Group family, they continue to simplify travel – making tailor-made long-haul and multi-centre holidays easy and more affordable than ever

With six shops and over 80 staff based across the UK, Travelbag sells nearly 70,000 holidays each year.


The challenge

Travelbag recognised they had gaps within their business around managing customer relationships, enquiry and booking task management, custom reporting, tracking sales performance and identifying marketing opportunities, which was impacting their ability to offer the deep level of customer service their customers expect.


Our solution

With a desire to understand their customers better, accurately track performance and unify their processes, Travelbag researched and reviewed potential options. Inspiretec CRM stood out as the missing piece to their puzzle and could integrate seamlessly with their existing Inspiretec Reservations booking platform.


The results

Sonia Walsh, Digital Product Manager at Travelbag, talks through her experience working with Inspiretec CRM and the impact it’s had on the business since integration:

Instantly access customer information and prioritise enquiries

The Screen-Pop functionality allows us to immediately have customer information to hand, our sales staff can instantly see the full history of a customer. This not only helps to build rapport but also provides a better understanding of a customer’s needs and helps flag ‘hot leads’ so they can prioritise repeat bookers.

Enhanced lead management and sales efficiency

Unifying our data, specifically leads and sales, has helped us to understand where our leads and sales are coming from, and how to become more efficient within the lead-handling process.

The visibility Inspiretec CRM provides means we can also monitor the different types of leads we’re getting and track our ‘enquiry to quote to booking’ conversion ratios.

Being now able to filter and bulk assign enquiries fields allows us to manage our enquiries more efficiently, while the flexibility to add enquiry data into specific enquiry fields means that we can create insightful and dynamic reporting.

Automatically creating bookings tasks for things like balance reminders, welcome home calls, admin hold reminders etc. is a particularly useful feature for sales. Task management is also used for operational processes such as airline schedule changes and Booking QC checks.

Maximising the potential through quality support and ongoing training

The quality of the support and training we received from day one ensured we were using the platform to its full potential.

Regular catch-ups and reviews mean we are aware of updates and can be aligned on any upcoming features that will bring the most value to our business in the future.

Business benefits

Deeper customer understanding

Maximised sales potential

Improved customer service

The integration of Inspiretec CRM has enabled Travelbag to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, streamline their processes, and maximise their sales potential. With instant access to customer information, enhanced lead management, and sales efficiency, Travelbag have seen significant cost savings and improved customer service levels.


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