Schedule 2: Inspiretec Support Services

The following article outlines Inspiretec’s Support Services.

1. Interpretation


The following definitions and rules of interpretation apply in this schedule.

1.1 Definitions:

  • Commercially Reasonable Efforts: the same degree of priority and diligence with which Inspiretec meets the support needs of its other similar customers.

  • Contact List: a current list of Inspiretec contacts and telephone numbers to enable the Customer to escalate its Support Requests, including:

    1. the first person to contact; and

    2. the persons in successively more qualified or experienced positions to provide the support sought.

  • Customer Cause: any of the following causes:

    1. any improper use, misuse or unauthorised alteration of the Software by the customer;

    2. any use of the Software by the Customer in a manner inconsistent with the then-current documents;

    3. the use by the Customer of any hardware or software not provided by Inspiretec or approved by Inspiretec in the Specification for use by the Customer in connection with the Software; or

    4. the use of a non-current version or release of the Software.

  • Fault: any Operational Fault.

  • Good Industry Practice: the exercise of that degree of skill, care, prudence, efficiency, foresight, and timeliness as would be expected from a company within the relevant industry or business sector.

  • Help Desk Support: any support provided by help desk technicians sufficiently qualified and experienced to identify and resolve most support issues relating to the Software.

  • Higher-level Support: any higher-level support provided by an individual on the Contact List.

  • Operational Fault: failure of the Software to operate in all material respects in accordance with the Specification and Documents, including any operational failure or error referred to in the Service Level Table.

  • Out-of-scope Services: either of the following services:

    1. any services provided by Inspiretec in connection with any apparent problem regarding the Software reasonably determined by Inspiretec not to have been caused by a Fault, but rather by a Customer Cause or a cause outside Inspiretec’s control (including any investigational work resulting in such a determination);

    2. any Higher-level Support provided in the circumstances specified in paragraph 2.3 in this schedule; or

    3. any services provided by Inspiretec after the Support Service Allowance has been utilised

  • Service Levels: the service level responses and response times referred to in the Service Level Table.

  • Service Level Table: the table set out in paragraph 5.1 of this schedule.

  • Solution: either of the following outcomes:

    1. correction of an Operational Fault or;

    2. a workaround in relation to an Operational Fault (including a reversal of any changes to the Software if deemed appropriate by Inspiretec) that is reasonably acceptable to the Customer.

  • Support Fees: Any applicable additional charges for the provision of support beyond those defined within the main License & Support Agreement.

  • Support Hours: 08:00 to 17:30 GMT/ BST, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. A P1 will be supported 07:00 to 23:00 x364 days a year using our “out of hours” support team.

  • Support Period: The Term and, if requested by the Customer, any period during which the Customer transfers the Services to an alternate service provider.

  • Support Request: request made by the Customer in accordance with this schedule for support in relation to the Software, including correction of an Operational Fault.

  • Support Service Allowance: the number of hours of Support Services included in the Support Fees/Licence Fees per annum as set out in Schedule 1.

  • Support Services: maintenance of the then-current version or release of the Software, including Help Desk Support and Higher-level Support, but excluding any Out-of-scope Services.

2. Support Services

During the Support Period Inspiretec shall perform the Support Services during the Support Hours in accordance with the Service Levels.

2.2 As part of the Support Services, Inspiretec shall:

  • provide Help Desk Support by means of support channels as advised by Inspiretec from time to time.

  • commit appropriate resources to the provision of Higher-Level Support.

  • use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to correct all Operational Faults notified under paragraph 4.3(a) of this schedule; and

  • provide technical support for the Software in accordance with the Service Levels.

2.3 Any Higher-level Support requested by the Customer to be provided by an individual whose qualification or experience is greater than that reasonably necessary to resolve the relevant Support Request shall be deemed an Out-of-scope Service, provided that an appropriately qualified or experienced individual was available at the time when the Higher-level Support was sought.

2.4 Inspiretec may reasonably determine that any services are Out-of-scope Services. If Inspiretec makes any such determination, it shall promptly notify the Customer of that determination.

2.5 The Customer acknowledges that Inspiretec is not obliged to provide Out-of-scope Services.

3. Fees

3.1 The provision of Support Services on a remote, off-site basis (such as over the telephone or by e-mail) within the Support Period shall be included in the Support Fees/Licence Fee.

3.2 The provision of Support Services outside the Support Period or at the Customer Site or the provision of Out-of-scope Services shall be charged for at the applicable time and materials rates of Inspiretec at the time.

4. Submitting Support Requests and Access

4.1 The Customer may request Support Services by way of a Support Request.

4.2 Each Support Request shall include a description of the Operational Fault and, where relevant, the start time of the incident.

4.3 The Customer shall provide Inspiretec with:

  • prompt notice of any Faults which it becomes aware of; and

  • such output and other data, documents, information, assistance and (subject to compliance with all Customer’s security and encryption requirements notified to Inspiretec in writing) remote access to the Customer System, as are reasonably necessary to assist Inspiretec to reproduce operating conditions similar to those present when the Customer detected the relevant Operational Fault and to respond to the relevant Support Request.

4.4 Save for where Inspiretec reasonably determines that it requires access to the Customer Site to provide the relevant Support Service, all Support Services shall be provided on an off-site basis (such as over the telephone or by e-mail) from Inspiretec’s office.

4.5 The Customer acknowledges that, to properly assess and resolve Support Requests, it may be necessary to permit Inspiretec direct access at the Customer Site to the Customer System and the Customer’s files, equipment and personnel.

4.6 The Customer shall provide such access promptly, provided that Inspiretec complies with all the Customer’s reasonable security requirements and other policies and procedures relating to contractors entering and working on the Customer Site notified to Inspiretec in writing reasonably in advance.

5. Service Levels

Inspiretec shall:

  • Prioritise all Support Requests based on its reasonable assessment of the severity level of the Fault reported; and

  • respond to all Support Requests in accordance with the responses and response times specified in the table set out below:

P1 – system down no one has access to any features

P2 – Partial loss

P3 – Intermittent degradation of service

Target Response

Within 30 minutes

Within 4 hours

Within 24 hours


Every 1 hour



Target Fix

Fix within 6 hours

Within 7 working days (Delivery of Fix or acceptable workaround will be made available as a hot fix.

Delivery of Fix will be made available in a subsequent software release based on product priorities.

5.2 The timeframes above are illustrative, and time shall not be of the essence in performing the Support Services.

5.3 Inspiretec shall give the Customer regular updates of the nature and status of its efforts to correct any Fault.

6. Standard support exclusions

6.1 Standard support does not include:

  • Customer 1st line support

  • Direct end user support

  • Support tickets that have not been triaged by the customer support desk,

  • Product Training – Inspiretec offer our Academy for all training,

  • Business consultancy or advice – which is charged as a professional service,

  • Technical consultancy or advice – which is charged as a professional service,

  • Change requests, platform configuration or process change management,

  • Issues relating to 3rdparty defects or 3rd service outages such as external suppliers.