Welcome to the Inspiretec community page

We’re delighted to launch the first of a series of regular Community meetings – designed to enable you to meet our product team, share ideas and work more closely with us to refine our platform roadmap.


At Inspiretec we have a good idea of what the travel industry needs from its technology. We regularly deliver new features that our customers can get business benefit from, and we also undertake customer-funded developments specifically to meet their own unique business needs.

Inspiretec Community will add a new dimension to our product development. Firstly, we want to get feedback on our product direction – your validation or challenge on our thinking.  Secondly, we want to establish a forum for our customers to share their own needs, explore similarities and identify opportunities to align efforts and collaborate on investment.


Every business is different, and our platform is designed to be almost infinitely configurable so our technology can support how you differentiate yourself in the market.

However, there are always going to be similarities in what we sell and how we sell it, resulting in common demands from across our customers – e.g. supplier integrations, new features, opportunities to simplify, streamline or drive increased efficiencies, tools to automate, speed up or improve the user experience.

Inspiretec Community is designed to bring us together, focus on common business needs and work as a community to understand the requirement and explore joint investment opportunities as part of a product roadmap to meet them.

When & where

Chester will be the venue for our first Community event – a central location to make it accessible to as many of our UK customers as possible.

      • Date – Wednesday the 3rd of July 2024

      • Time – 08:30 to 12:30

      • Address – Warrington Road, Hoole, Chester CH2 3PD


    We will be hosting an informal dinner the evening before (7:30pm on Tuesday the 2nd of July 2024) for customers who will be staying in Chester the night before for those who might want to join us.

    Please contact if you are planning on joining us for Dinner on Tuesday and if you have any special dietary requirements.


    This event is not designed for senior Execs, it’s designed for technology product owners – those who support their internal stakeholders and work with Inspiretec products to support sales, marketing and operational functions across the business.

    We are not envisaging getting overly technical nor are we planning on getting super strategic. This is looking at your specific short and mid-term business needs from our platform so whilst some hands-on platform experience might be beneficial it’s not imperative.


    For this first session, we are focusing on our Reservations product. We plan to use future sessions to look at our CRM Roadmap. The agenda will be informal and fluid and several members of the Inspiretec team will be there to facilitate the session.

    0800 – Arrival for tea, coffee and a light breakfast

    0830 – Introductions, recap on objectives and ground rules

    0900 – Inspiretec roadmap review

    1000 – Customer-driven product features review, part 1

    1100 – Break

    1115 – Customer-driven product features review, part 2

    1215 – Wrap up and summary of key actions and next steps

    1230 – Close of proceedings.


    Our vision for the Inspiretec Community is for it to be inclusive, friendly and collaborative. It’s about balancing the ‘commercial in confidence’ with the opportunity of working together and aligning our collective investment with what the community needs.

        • No idea is a bad idea – not everything will be relevant for everyone but let’s give everything tabled due consideration.

        • By the community for the community – we want everything that we do in the product to be available in the product for the benefit of all customers.

        • Protection of the product – we’d love to be able to do everything for everyone, but we need to protect the integrity of the product.

        • Not for support – if you have specific implementation or ‘how to’ questions then this isn’t the form for them. We’ll happily pick these up directly with you afterwards.


      We are asking all attendees to share in advance at least three (more welcome of course) product enhancement ideas – for example, new features, functionality or integrations that you would like to table.

      Before the event, we will look to upload these, along with some of our ideas to the Inspiretec Community portal (your access details to follow) so all attendees will have the opportunity to review all the product feedback, post comments or ask questions.

      Please submit your product feedback ideas to no later than Friday 21st of June. Don’t forget to include a short title for the feature, and a brief high-level description of the requirement.