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The travel and tourism industry is unique in many ways, but when it comes to making the most of their data, the challenges are frequently universal.

Without the ability to extract usable insights from your data, it’s almost impossible to make accurate decisions. This means key aspects of your business, such as customer demand forecasting, travel marketing, pricing strategy optimisation and service personalisation suffer.

Inspiretec’s Data platform gives travel businesses and tour operators the ability to safely harness the power of big data to evaluate how their business benchmarks against the rest of the industry - and then implement methods to improve service and keep clients coming back.

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Predictive Analytics

Create long-term forecasts based on existing trends such as which destinations are the most popular and what types of trips (business, leisure, health and wellness etc) people like the most.

Strategic Marketing

Marketing within the travel industry is tricky as potential customers are so varied in their wishes and choices. Data helps travel companies be more strategic and targeted.

Optimised Revenue

Use data insights to highlight areas of potential profit, such as tailoring services for relevance based on current market trends.

Your website is your marketing efforts’ best accessory

Ways we achieve this


Deep pricing analysis


Propensity to purchase indicators


Recommendation engines for retail, call centre and website personalisation


Benchmarking of lead and quote-to-book ratios


Attribution and cost of acquisition trackers


Tracking the popularity of destination and supplier heat maps

Simple pricing to
suit any company -
any size

Our pricing starts at £50 per user. We can usually
agree a lower cost per user for larger organisations.

We handle all of the setup and implementation and

provide detailed costs and timeframe for this before
any commitment is needed.

We also provide a range of training materials to get

your team up-to-speed as quickly as possible.

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