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Travel leaders trust Inspiretec

Welcome to the future of travel bookings

Frequent and unexpected quote, flight and booking changes are probably the single biggest source of frustration for travellers – and the largest challenge for travel agents and tour operators.

In the past, agents were reluctant to share client contact details with tour operators. Which meant they were usually the first and only contact when any changes to itineraries occurred.

Now, however, airlines insist on also having this information so they can contact their passengers quickly and directly. The problem is that customers usually then end up knowing about changes to flights before the consolidator, tour operator or agent.

If your travel business is in a constant state of “catch up” it ultimately damages the customer experience you offer, as well as the overall reputation of the travel industry as a whole.

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A legacy of trust

After over 25 years in the travel industry, we’re now the partner agents can trust to facilitate booking changes between customers, airlines and tour operators – and back again.

Quick and efficient

It can take a disproportionate amount of time to manually advise every customer of every small itinerary change. Connect automates this process, making it quick and easy.

Full communication history

See a complete history of all correspondence between you and your customers. Identify areas of strength and weakness to improve organisational efficiency.


Key challenges we can solve


Automated customer communication - no more manual phoning. Instead, the customer receives an automated notification of the change and then simply logs on to the self-service portal to accept it.

Workflow automation

Workflow backup – changes too complicated to be communicated automatically are placed into a workflow to be followed up between the customer and agent personally.

Data in one place

Single-view dashboard – immediately see the communication chain and understand where everyone is in the process, so you always know what’s happening.

Simple pricing to
suit any company -
any size

Our pricing starts at £50 per user. We can usually
agree a lower cost per user for larger organisations.

We handle all of the setup and implementation and

provide detailed costs and timeframe for this before
any commitment is needed.

We also provide a range of training materials to get

your team up-to-speed as quickly as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

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