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Investors in People Accreditation

Our people are what makes Inspiretec so special, a truth that has been proven time and time again and illustrated quite recently by their amazing efforts when working in an industry impacted by a global pandemic, whilst also managing their own challenges courtesy of repeated lockdowns. Given this, it may be surprising that over this difficult time we have also been undergoing the rigorous and challenging process of Investors in People Accreditation.

As a growing business, the decision to go for IIP accreditation was unanimously supported by the board and Helen Baldwin, Chief People & Engagement Officer, lead the charge. In the last week, we have received the reassuring news that not only did we achieve accreditation but proved ourselves ready and able to continue the journey of continuous improvement.


Leading the way forward

It’s in the nature of our business to progress, develop and move forward and our IIP status is not only an independent benchmark against other similar organisations in the industry but more importantly a clear statement of the value we put on our people.

It is our people that make us what we are, and we continue to invest in them as we pursue improvements in everything we do. In this year alone we have certified our platform as PCI DSS 2.0 compliant, recertified our ISO 9001 standards for the 3rd year running and launched the Inspiretec Academy, our innovative online learning portal. People are at the very heart of values, and our customers benefit from working with colleagues that they trust, respect and know are valued by their employer.

Insight was gained by a very detailed companywide survey as well as 1-1 interviews with over 20 of our staff, in various departments and roles, to collate 100% confidential and honest opinions. The trust we have in our people is unquestionable, nevertheless we were delighted when the IIP consultant shared with us the positive feedback about our existing approaches and systems as well as intelligent and considered suggestions on improvements to raise the bar even higher.

This invaluable feedback highlighted not only what we were doing well but on how we can improve and grow.


Supporting business growth

In 2016, Inspiretec was created through the merging of 4 companies that had complementary strengths and a shared passion for travel and technology. Since then, there has been an ongoing programme of harmonising and improving our people practices ensuring we had a shared culture and core values across the organisation. Great progress was made and provided.insight into the next steps needed for real business growth and development. Gaining Investors in People Accreditation was the acid test as it has given us a benchmark to measure future improvement from. Our ongoing commitment to Investors in People shows both our confidence and determination to continuously improve and grow.


Improving the industry

There is the well-known phrase that a rising tide, floats all boats and this is never more relevant than when talking about investing in one’s people. Inspiretec’s investment in obtaining and maintaining accreditation creates an ROI for everyone, as happy people that feel valued, heard and respected say more about your company than anything else.

Our customers continue to benefit from working with professionals who are committed and driven to be the best they can be. This is reflected in their work and how they deal with the inevitable challenges of pushing technological developments and customer service to new levels.



Looking forward

We are proud to have achieved the requirements of the IIP standard which has been an ambition of the business for some time. We set ourselves a target to undertake the assessment in 2021 and we are really pleased that we have met the requirements of the standard.

This is the beginning of a journey for us and there’s always something to learn. However, this means the principles and practices around supporting people are in place and everyone understands how to use them to make work better, which is great starting point!

Investors in People Accreditation

3/4/2021 12:00:00 AM
Helen Baldwin (1)

Helen Baldwin

Our journey with Investors in People is off to a great start #makeworkbetter

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